I am an archer specializing in  “modern traditional”  or barebow— using a bow made of the StateOutdoorbest high tech materials but still simple, still solidly attached to archery’s ancient roots. No sights, no stablilizers, no cams, no clickers, no mechanical releases, no scopes, no fussing with pins, no 300 feet per second arrow flight. Just the archer, the target and a beautiful, stripped-down recurve bow whose elegant lines remain uncluttered. Call it a practice. A discipline. A challenge.

I am happy to share what I’ve learned along the way. And I’m still learning.  I am a Level 3 coach certified by USA Archery, a tournament shooter, and a former outdoors editor. More than any part of archery, I love shooting on field courses in the woods and mountains.

A started a blog, Barebow Ink, on this site,  as a way to document my unlikely presence as a barebow archer on the U.S. team shooting at the 2014 World  Archery field championships in Zagreb, Croatia.  But I hope it becomes something of a gathering place for the growing community of barebow archers.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Rich


    Enjoyed reading how things are going – keep the news coming.
    Best wishes for success in the tournament. It must be very cool to meet people from around the world and hope you are able to converse and exchange information with them.

    I will update all at the Wednesday evening SKINZ – Handicap Night. Sorry you will miss it but you can loose arrows around here anytime.

    “T” Shirt looks great!


  2. Sue P

    Another thing I like about barebow is that it helps to level the playing field. It doesn’t matter who can afford the best sight, because there are no sights. It doesn’t matter who can afford the best stabilizer, because there aren’t any. When I shoot barebow well, it is all me — not the gadgets.

    Plus, there is no time spent fiddling and tweaking while on the range.

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